Hey there,

I'm Spencer Ford and I'm a Graphic Designer based in London.

Before making a career out of it, I was a kid strangely into logo design and rgb. Eventually, I realized this is something I need to look into long term. And here we are!

Like this site, I focus my designs on being clean and efficient. So, "welcome!" and be sure to check out my portfolio. As most designers, my personal site is the last thing I ever get a chance to update... so I do not get around to updating it often enough. Hopefully there is something there you like, so don't be shy and get in touch!

Why choose an independent designer?

So, why choose a freelance graphic designer in the first place?
It's a great question, and for most applications a freelancer you can trust is the answer.

Trust with a freelancer is the biggest hurdle most people have before hiring a freelancer. The second is specialization. I consider myself a well-rounded graphic designer (opposed to just web or logo restrictions for example), but some fear that a freelancer can only do one thing. More often than not, freelancers are ignored when it comes to big projects. However, a well-rounded graphic designer that can tackle most of your projects will
accomplish your needs perfectly.

It is true that larger design houses have more capability for larger projects, but for a small business or individial looking for anything from minor work to an entire brand identity, a freelancer can provide exactly those services.

It will always end up being more affordable and, depending on the freelancer, more personal. As much as firms are fantastic routes for many, for smaller needs they may be overkill.

So if you're looking for a logo design, promotional piece, web design, business card or anything else that needs a designers touch it's never a bad idea to contact a freelance designer first for a quote.

And will ya lookit' that, there's a quote button at the top of this page!